F Block Boutique 40%off storewide!

F Block Boutique is having a Member’s Day Sales!Get ready for Member’s Day, 40% off Storewide, happening on 1/8/2015 at Cheras Leisuremall only!

About F Block B

f = fast + fashion
everything fashion from head to toe

f block and this & that delivers ‘Fast Fashion’ which is always changing and always in style with the ability to appeal to funky 16, vogue 20, glamour 30 and sophisticated 40 all simultaneously. It is a unique blend of quality, style and versatility. Anyone who chooses to be styled at our stores or fblock.com.my can leave confidently with the latest style.

2007 the first f block store was founded at desa sri hartamas. Since then the company has been growing everyday. They strive to be one of the top and best fashion store in fashion world.Since then, the company been growing everyday.

what lies ahead

f block will continue to provide the very latest in colour and fashion for their upcoming leading chain of boutiques. Our execution will always be guided by ‘customer first’ principal. The management’s acute understanding and responsiveness of the fashion lovers’ need and the provision of latest product mix will further enhance f block.

With creative marketing and merchandising approaches, f block believes it will be a major player in the modern retail industry. Passion, innovation and creativity is what sets f block apart from its competitors.

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