FREE Organic Baby Rice Milk sample Giveaway to your doorstep!

Green City Organic MAlaysia is giving out FREE SAMPLE of Organic Baby Rice Milk! Just LIKE page and PM them the following details to request for free sample, you get a FREE Organic Baby Rice Milk to your doorstep!

Complete your details and PM them.

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Organic Embryo Oat (USDA Certified), Organic Brown Rice Bran Powder, Organic Mix Beans Powder (USDA Certifies), Barley Powder, FOS, Omega-3, DHA

The advantage of Green City Organic Rice Milk for Baby and Children:
• Boosts up immunity
• Improves milk allergic symptoms
• Increase the probiotics within the intestines for infants
• Good digestion and balanced nutrient
• Provide radiant skin and attractive body figure
• Grows up vigorous and healthy
• Enhances brain development

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