FREE Sakae Sushi coupons worth over RM200 Giveaway!

Sakae Sushi Malaysia is giving away FREE coupons worth over RM200! With minimum spend RM60, you can purchase the Sakae Calender 2016 at only RM3.90 (NP:RM18), the calender, with coupons worth over RM200. Term & Conditions apply, while stock last!

Joy of Giving:

Sakae Sushi will donate RM1 to HOPE Worldwide Malaysia for every calender sold


Freshness matters at Sakae Sushi! A hit among Japanese food lovers for its delicious yet affordably-priced fare, this kaiten sushi-concept restaurant is also making waves for the sheer freshness of its sushi. Air-flown weekly, Sakae Sushi’s ingredients are selected from top suppliers around the world and stringently checked to ensure total freshness, quality and nutrition.

One of Sakae Sushi’s must-try selections is its salmon sushi range. Prepared with the freshest and most premium salmon directly air-flown from Norway, diners can take their pick from a mouth-watering variety that includes the classic Salmon Sushi and Sashimi, Hana Maki, Lobster & Salmon Roll and more.

Should you fancy something apart from salmon or sushi, over 250 delectable choices such as sashimi, yakimono, nabemono, tempura, Japanese noodles (ramen, soba and udon), donburi, and bento await. Either way, be assured of a satisfying and delightful Japanese dining experience!

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