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Anmum® has a full range of milk powder for mothers and children, from the time mothers plan to conceive till their children grow up.

Anmum™ Materna
Specially formulated for women-in-planning and pregnant women. Contains important nourishment for mom and the development of the foetus, including Folate, GA, Sialic Acid, EFA, DHA, FOS, Iron and Calcium. Has been clinically tested to increase folate levels in 12 weeks. Comes in 3 flavour varities.

Anmum™ Lacta
The optimum milk for breastfeeding women, Anmum Lacta™ helps to replenish your body’s stores of nutrients so that they can be passed on to your breast milk, and to your child. Contains GA, which are especially important during this early stage to encourage healthy brain development. Anmum Lacta™ is also high in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B12, Folate, Calcium and Iron, in addition to other essential nutrients such as Sialic Acid, EFA and DHA to support the nutritional quality of your breast milk.

Anmum™ Essential
Anmum Essential™ Step 3 & 4 are designed for toddlers and are packed with the nourishment they need for optimal development during this important growing up phase. Contains Sialic Acid in addition to other essential nutrients such as GA, DHA, EFA, Phospholipid, Iron and EAA, which help in the optimal development of your child’s brain functions. Comes in 2 flavour varieties.


The Connected Mums Club is a community for all mums in Malaysia. Formerly known as Anmum Club®, we now have a new name and a selection of new and/or improved privileges. As a member, you will enjoy the best knowledge and support on parenting and nutrition that can be provided by our experts, as well as your fellow mums across Malaysia. Our aim is to make your motherhood journey better and easier, and most importantly to help you shape your child’s amazing future.


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