FREE Dubuyo Special Voucher Giveaway!

Dubuyo is giving away FREE Dubuyo vouchers. Just pick the delicious Korean dishes which best match popular Malaysian food – get them all correct and Dubuyo will give you a FREE Dubuyo voucher! Through their in-depth research and experiments, they have discovered that Korean food is actually very similar to Malaysian food; they just have a #SeoulAwesome twist! Term & Conditions apply!


How to Play:

  1. Start with a Malaysia dish…
  2. Scroll until you find the matching Korean dish
  3. If you get it wrong, you can try again
  4. When you get it right you can move on to the next level
  5. When you have completed all the levels, congratulations! Just fill in your name and email address and they will send you your special voucher.

**Term & Conditions apply!**

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Did you know, Korean food is often referred to as SOUL FOOD?

What makes it the healthiest traditional cuisine in the world is probably their use of pure and healthy ingredients. From tofu, bean paste, chillies, garlic, and thick soothing broths, to its renowned tangy and spicy kimchi, Korean food is exceptionally healthy. Recipes which enliven the palate with sharp distinct flavours, not found in any other dining experience.

At DubuYo, they strive to serve you a perfect harmony of Korean delights. From their signature hearty Soondubu Jigaes to all-tasty urban Korean favourites, you will be fascinated with flavours you will truly enjoy. DubuYo, URBAN KOREAN food at its best.

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