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Kanebo was founded well over a century ago, back in 1887, as a trader of cotton. Over the years we expanded our business to include the manufacture and export of silk. Then, in 1936, we released Savon de Soie, a luxurious silk soap developed through years of study in silk technology. We launched our cosmetics business a year later, in 1937.

Today, Kanebo Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetics companies in Japan. Our wide portfolio of skincare and makeup brands sell through multiple distribution channels in over 50 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Innovative, extensive research backs all stages of cosmetics development, from basic dermatological science to the final product design. In the past decades, Kanebo Cosmetics has laid a path to a new area in cosmetics science by fusing forefront research and development with unique research domains.

Japanese craftsmanship, with its devotion to perfection and innovation, goes into the creation of a steady stream of products with outstanding functions and superb textures. Our unique beauty methods, a trademark of Kanebo, reflect our decades of experience as a pioneer of esthetic research in Japan. Fusing advanced skin science with Japanese sensibilities and time-proven beauty traditions, Kanebo beauty methods translate into enhanced product effects for satisfied customers.

As a member of the KAO Group since 2006, we are developing as a global company by stepping up investment in markets with outstanding growth prospects such as China, Russia, and other parts of Asia.

Kanebo Cosmetics is committed to fulfilling its corporate mission in a social and sustainable way by harnessing its accumulated beauty knowledge for the benefit of society, practicing strict environmental policies, and nurturing diversity and development in its own workforce.

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