Card Komuter Link (Adult) At RM2 Only!

KTM Berhad offer KTM Komuter services sell commuter links with the card at RM2 only. This offer is valid from 5 Jan 2017 – 5 Feb 2017. KTM Berhad through services KTM komuter will sell commuter Card Link (Adult) at RM2 only instead of original price RM 10. With minimum top up RM10 or above, Term & Conditions apply!

KTM铁道优惠价RM2(原价RM10)而已!此优惠有效期从2017年1月5日至2017年2月5日。KTM铁道将出售RM2的通勤卡(成人),而不是原价RM 10。但最低充值RM10或以上,须符合条规!

Commuter Card Link (Adult) with a sale price RM2 this can be purchased at the ticket counter ktm komuter, ticket machine and mobile team.

KTMB move forward transcending time and age, along with the advancement of the country’s development.

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