MINI Chipsmore Original for Only RM1 Deal! offer Magic Bowl promotion for the month of May! Get your MINI chipsmore original /double choc(32g) for only RM1 per pack! The magic bowl is located at their cashier counter so why not grab a few before you make payment? You can “sapu” the whole bowl as well if you want. The promotion is valid until 31 May 2017! Terms & Conditions apply!

Chipsmore is a home-grown Malaysian brand that has come to be loved by both young and old. Since the first Chipsmore cookies were made over 20 years ago, the delicious chocolate chip cookies have become known for their generous amount of chocolate chips in every bite, have taken over and lead the market in the cookies segment. Chipsmore is currently available in 5 flavors – Original, Hazelnut, Double Choc, Butter Crunch and Less Sweet, an alternative which tastes just as great!

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