Sushi King Offer Ramadhan Buffet Deal!

Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet promo. This promo is only available from 27 May 2017 onwards, from 5.30pm at selected Sushi King only. Enjoy countless delights ranging from Sushi, Donburi, Beverages and Desserts prepared especially for you, and the family. Terms & Conditions apply!

Member Price
Adult: RM35.90 + RM2.15(GST) = RM38.05
Child / Senior Citizen: RM17.90 + RM1.07(GST) = RM18.97

Non-Member Price:
Adult: RM39.90 + RM2.39(GST) = RM42.29
Child / Senior Citizen: RM19.90 + RM1.19(GST) = RM21.09


Premium Salmon,Ebi Fry Nigiri,Ebi Ten Nigiri,Inari,Surimi Scallop,Tamago,Unagi Slice,Egg Mayo Gunkan, Tori Karaage Gunkan, Tuna Mayo Gunkan,Salmon Nishoku,Tsubukko,Inari Boat Tuna,Kani Tobikko,Salmon Mayo Gunkan,Yakiniku Gunkan,Kanitama Maki,CKT Maki,California Maki, Tuna Mayo Maki, Kanikama Maki,Tamago Maki,Fry Roll,Beef Roll,Gyu Maki ,Chicken Cheese Roll


Yakiniku Don,Spicy Yakiniku Don,Tori Karaage Don,Chicken Katsu Don,Ten Don,Salmon Belly Don ,Chicken Nanban Don,Sakana Black Pepper Don,Chicken Curry,Yakiniku Curry


Chicken Nanban,Yakiniku Tsumami,Tori Karaage,Piri Piri Chicken,Edamame,Ika Karaage,Age Gyoza,Chicken Katsu,Rice,Miso Soup,Chigiri Age,Salmon Belly Piri Piri


Vanilla Ice Cream,Matcha Ice Cream,Hot Green Tea,Ice Green Tea,Ice Honey Lemon Tea,Ice Blackcurrant Lemon

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