2018 MyDeposit Malaysia Application Is Open! – 2018年MyDeposit买房辅助金计划正式开放申请!

2018 mydeposit Malaysia!

2018 MyDeposit Malaysia application is open now! Start from 15 Dec 2017!
2018年MyDeposit买房辅助金计划正式开放申请!凡月入RM3000 至RM10,000首次买房的中产介级,可获得政府支付的10%买房头期,最高可获得RM30,000的辅助金。政府将发放给购买RM80,000至RM500,000房子首购者,不限种族与年龄!只要符合资格,首购者皆可申请。不过,此计划不能购买一马房屋计划的屋子!


  1. 马来西亚公民
  2. 须21岁或以上
  3. 首房子购买者
  4. 符合资格房屋贷款
  5. 家庭收入从RM3000至RM15,000

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Malaysia Resident
  2. Aged 21 and above
  3. Purchase first home for one household
  4. Qualified to make housing loan
  5. Household income ranging from RM3,000 to RM15,000

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Personal project buying criteria provided

The criteria for the purchase of housing projects permitted under the MyDeposit Scheme are as follows:

  1. Licensed new housing project licensed from licensed housing developers only
  2. House purchase price of RM500,000 and below
  3. Approval of purchases for private housing projects that are not subsidized / incentives / Government funds


  1. 只有持牌房屋发展商获发牌照的新建住宅项目
  2. 房屋购买价格RM500,000及以下
  3. 批准私人住房项目的购买没有补贴/奖励/政府资金

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** Click here for more detail Terms & Condition!**


Supporting Document:
List of documents (mandatory) that must be uploaded in MyDeposit System (format: .pdf)

  • Copy of applicant’s identity card and spouse
  • Copy of identity card / birth-borne certificate
  • Copy of OKU card / OKU confirmation letter (If applicable)
  • Copy of marriage certificate / death certificate / divorce certificate
  • Statutory Declaration Swearing Acknowledgment
  • Self employed / unemployed declaration
  • Letter of confirmation of applicant’s employer and spouse. Information required: service / employment status, marital status, monthly salary and service period
  • Latest paycheck of applicant and spouse
  • Copy of EPF statement or income tax return of applicant and spouse
  • Copies of applicant’s and partner’s Centralized Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) Report
  • Letter of offer / confirmation of purchase of house from licensed housing developer
  • Letter of support and confirmation of local leader
  • Latest copy of Electricity / Water Bills
  • Housing projects by Federal and State Governments such as PPA1M, PR1MA, RUMAWIP, PPR, MyHome and Affordable Home State are NOT ALLOWED

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