A’pieu Lipstick Exchange Deal! – A’PIEU口紅兑换优惠促销!

Special offer!

A’pieu Malaysia special offer! Sometimes lipstick need a make-over too. Exchange any used lipstick and get 20% off on the purchase of any new A’PIEU lip products. From 1 June – 30 June, all A’pieu Malaysia outlets are entitled to exchange their old lipstick (for any brand) to all A’PIEU lip products! There’s no limitation too!

FREE Bellagio Chocolate Beverage (150g) and FREE BPA Shaker worth RM43.90!
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Store locator:

KL Mid Valley Megamall, JB Aeon Tebrau City, JB City Square, JB Paradigm Mall

A’pieu is a Korean skincare and cosmetics brand that is making its mark all over the world. The reason for this is that many of A’pieu’s products are fun and cute, with a touch of childlike innocence that makes it a favourite among young women in their teens and twenties. Apart from that, the brand is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive young skin. A’pieu makeup is very versatile and carries many products including eye colour, skincare, eyeliner pencils, eye shadow, eye cream and many more that are tailored to fit delicate Asian skin. If you love the bright, whimsical and fun products A’pieu has to offer, take the chance and check out their range of products now to achieve that youthful and glowing look.