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Senna is an herb that comes from several different flowering species of the Cassia plants. The leaves, flowers, and fruits of the senna plant have been used in tea as a laxative or stimulant for centuries.
The leaves of the Senna plant are also used in some teas to help relieve constipation or promote weight loss.
Firstly it helps relieve occasional constipation which often occurs in low fiber weight loss diets.
Secondly, being a low calorie, flavorful solution, it helps to boost your fluid intake.Drinking more fluids causes you to eat less.
Thirdly, it aids in the elimination of toxins and undigested food in the large intestine. This cleansing and detoxification supports proper nutrient absorption and optimal metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

Senna has been regarded as a “cleansing herb” due to its laxative effects. The leaf is used in traditional Chinese medicine to clear away the heat accumulated in the large intestine, helping the body get rid of the stagnant food accumulated in the stomach.