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Domino’s Pizza Offer 1 Regular Pizza for RM9.90 Only!

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia offer 1 Regular Pizza for RM9.90. This offer is valid from 10 Feb – 12 Feb 2017, 3 days only! You can enjoy 1 Regular Pizza for RM9.90 only, with purchase of 2 regular pizza by use coupon code “PR1711” at RM30. Term & conditions apply!

Domino’s Pizza’s roots can be traced back to a small restaurant in 1960 named DomiNick’s which was purchased by brothers Tom and James Monaghan for $500. The restaurant gained its more famous namesake in 1965 when Tom renamed the restaurant ‘Domino’s Pizza, Inc.’. In the next decade, Domino’s opened more than 200 restaurants, becoming the fastest growing pizza restaurant in the United States in 1985 and launching its first website in 1996.

It is also a pioneer in creating insulated pizza bags to preserve a pizza’s warmth during delivery, and is also responsible for creating a sturdy, corrugated pizza box which keeps moisture from damaging the box and preventing cheese from sticking to its surface. The next step to improving its delivery service included launching an online pizza delivery service in 2007; and in 2008, launching the Pizza Builder which allows customers to customise their own pizzas, and the Domino’s Tracker which keeps customers informed of the progress of their order. Domino’s Pizza continues to be a frontrunner in creating new forms of pizzas and fulfilling customer satisfaction through its continuously improving services.

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