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Mentos Malaysia is giving away 100 packs of Incredible Chew! Simply answer the question below in the comments and register to stand a chance it!Contest ends on the 16th August 2015.Terms & Conditions apply!

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Mentos Incredible Chew

Mentos offers a new range of candy that is bouncy, chewy and fruity yet maintaining Mentos signature refreshing juiciness. It comes with three irresistible flavours of Grape, Green Apple and Strawberry.

The other products:


Mentos Roll

Mentos candies are unique because of its surprising, fun and new taste that is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. From Minty to Fruity, Mentos chewy dragees allow you to always stay Fresh! Mentos Roll is available in exciting assortments of Mint, Air Action, Mintensity, Limited Edition, Rainbow, Fruit, Grape and Sour Mix.


Mentos Pillow Packs

Mentos chewy dragees also come wrapped in mono pieces for your convenience to having a Fresh moment at anytime of the day; suitable for meeting functions or just for impulse consumption. To keep you excited all day long, Mentos pillowpacks are available in many popular assortment of flavours such as Mint, Air Action, Fruit, Grape and Sour Mix that comes in pouches of 36 pieces. Moreover, Mentos pillow pack of 330 pieces are available in Mint, Air Action, Fruit, Grape, Sour Mix and Apple. Mentos mono pieces are also available in jars of 330 pieces in our most popular flavour of Mint, Fruit and Grape.


Mentos Bottle

Mentos chewy dragees come in bottles too, for easy storage while keeping every candy fresh for consumption. Mentos Bottle is available in a variety of five well-received flavours: Sour Mix, Yogurt, Smoothie, Mix Grape and Mint.

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