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About oil control water cushion


Shine-free moisturizing cushion controls sebum and leaves no sticky sensation. Durable MicrofoamTM cushion dispenses product evenly from first to last touch.Start now with Cushion!

Its ZERO Greasiness! Fresh and Dewy Skin

With cotton and blooming rose powder, it helps maintain the skin free from greasiness. Stay fresh and dewy. *Greasiness dermatologically tested

Stay Fresh! Sweat Resistant

With extracts from green fruit of Citrus Unshiu Markovich (satsuma tangerine) and oil-absorbing powder, it prevents makeup smudging from sweat and excessive oil.*Sweat Resistant dermatologically tested

Glides on smoothly! New MicroFoamTM

Newer, finer MicroFoamTM holds onto the Water Cushion so that the smooth touch on application lasts long.

Advance 6 Benefits

  1. Tap Tap One-step – All-New cushion makeup with long-lasting keeps skin moisturized inside and out, as well as matte finish
  2. Light & Fresh – Synergistic effect of carefully selected ingredients delivers a light & fresh feel
  3. UV Protection – SPF50++ PA++
  4. Sweat Proof – Resists sweat and provides protection against UV for hours
  5. MicroFoamTM – Even coverage, Smudge-free, with the use of MicroFoamTM
  6. Less Sticky Sensation – Matte finish formula does not attract hair

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