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NAN HA® Grow 3 is now available at Guardian. Visit selected outlets for a special promotion!

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Free Exclusive Fisher Price Education Craft Sets, with every purchase of NAN® Grow 3(1.3kg), NAN® Kid 4(1.3kg) or NAN HA® Grow 3(800g). Term & Conditions apply, valid with the promotional packs during the promotion period !

NAN® H.A. Grow 3

Every child is at risk of developing allergies even when both parents to do not have any allergy risks. As your child is exposed to various allergens during the growing years, you will need to reduce the risk of developing allergies in your child. NESTLÉ® NAN H.A.® Grow 3 is formulated milk powder for children above 1 year of age with OPTIPRO®, a partially hydrolysed protein broken down into smaller pieces using a unique Nestlé patented process. Partially hydrolysed protein is less allergenic than cow’s milk protein and easier to digest and absorb.

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