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Pocky Malaysia is giving away FREE Pocky!This offer is valid on 10 Nov 2015 from 12pm – 3pm and 4pm – 7pm, available at Lot 10 Main Entrance. Term & conditions apply, while stock last!

The detail:

  • Date: 10 Nov 2015
  • Time: 12pm – 3pm and 4pm – 7pm
  • Location: Lot 10 Main entrance

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Pocky: a Unique Idea Becomes a Top Seller (pocky chocolate)


Pretz was already a popular pretzel stick snack item. The simple concept of covering it with chocolate was the beginning of Pocky. The innovative new idea of leaving an uncoated end came about in the process trying to figure out how not to soil the fingers with chocolate.
Featuring convenience and a unique shape, Pocky has since been a long-selling market leader. Promotion campaigns for Pocky have included such slogans as “Pocky on a Trip” to advertise its convenient portability and “Pocky on the Rocks” to draw the attention of adults that it is a taste treat served “on the Rocks” in a wine glass at drinking establishments. Over the years, many new variations – such as strawberry flavored or Almond Crush that is topped with finely crushed almond bits – have become available.Confectionery available from Glico incorporates the accumulation of ideas including the harmonization of chocolate and snacks, the creation of enjoyment that extends to all generations, the breaking of geographic border barriers, and the ability to bring smiles to the faces of consumers around the globe.

About Pocky

Pocky is a very popular treat in Japan, especially among teenagers.[citation needed] In bars, it is sometimes served with a glass of ice water.It also has a significant presence in other Asian countries, such as China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Burma, Brunei and Vietnam.In Malaysia, Pocky was sold under the name “Rocky” for four decades. In 2014 it was rebranded under the name “Pocky” with a new package design and slogan. Commercials featuring Malaysian singer Yuna, also began to air in 2015 in order to give brand recognition and a sales boost.

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