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Bija Cica Balm
This balm protects skin against external irritants while helping relieve irritated skin

What it is?
1. Centella Asiatica 4X for intensive skin damage care!
Formula with Centella Asiatica 4X, a high-purity substance that concentrates 30 times more centella leaves, provides powerful cica care. Highly-concentrated refined powder, not liquid extract diluting centella, definitely benefits the skin. Centella Asiatica 4X contains madecassoside, madecassic acid, asiaticoside and asiatic acid. These four key ingredients offer intensive care for damaged skin.

2. Bija oil and D-panthenol for healthy-looking, firm skin!
Bija oil for protecting skin and D-panthenol effective in reinforcing the skin barrier make your skin healthy.

3. “Daily cica care” in the morning and evening
This gel-type balm, as a daily cica care item, is lightly-applied, rapidly-absorbing, and gentle enough even for your morning skin care routine.

4. “Mild cica care” with 90% naturally-derived ingredients
Free of 20 Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid, designated by “Hwahae”, Korea’s renowned application for cosmetic ingredient analysis! Mild and gentle ingredients cause no irritation and enhance defensive power for healthy skin.

5. “Safe cica care prevents acne” proved by Non-comedogenic testing
The completed non-comedogenic test proves that this product does not provoke or aggravate acne. This cica balm provides mild cica care even for acne skin. [Conducted by IEC KOREA for 4 weeks]

Why Bija Cica Balm?

Skin is easily irritated by environmental factors.
The main ingredient – Centella Asiatica 4X*,is a highly-concentrated, refined substance that provides intensive care for troubled skin.

Is the balm texture too heavy to be applied under my makeup
The balm comes in a gel-type texture which is very lightweight and can be easily absorbed by the skin.

Concerned about the ingredients due to my sensitive skin.
It is safe for sensitive skin as it contains 90% naturally-derived ingredients and is free of fragrance and parabens.

Skin gets easily dry and irritated.
The balm is enriched with bija oil and D-Panthenol formula to strengthen the skin barrier while keeping your skin healthy.

Is it mild enough even for acne-prone skin?
It is proven to be safe for acne-prone skin, as it has passed the non-comedogenic test (IEC KOREA, 4-week tests) with test results shown that it is not pore clogging.


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