FREE T-Sticks of London Sample Giveaway! – 免费独特的T-Sticks of London的茶包装样品,寄到你家!

trial pack consist 3 sticks of T-Sticks, delivery charges need!

GiftGuru is giving out 1000 sets FREE sample of this amazing teas. T-sticks of London, partnering with GiftGuru is coming to Malaysia by September 2017. Just check out with delivery charges RM8 (according to address), you can get free trial pack exclusive to your doorstep. Each trial pack consist 3 sticks of T-Sticks in random flavours and strictly limit to 1 pack per order. Any order has more than 1 quantity they will cancel and only deliver 1 pack only. Terms & Conditions apply, while stock last!

T-Sticks of London, make our tea a little different, they’ve Done Away With the Tea Bag! With T-Sticks, you can enjoy your tea when you’re on the go because there’s no need for a teaspoon, which means no mess.

Welcome to their innovative, luxury tea drinking concept. As a company they look to develop ‘make life easier’ and ‘better for you’ products. If you take delight in experiencing the world’s finest teas, they’d like to invite you to discover a completely new art of drinking tea that enhances the flavour, promotes your well-being and is the ultimate in luxury tea convenience.

Their expertly sourced tea from the world’s finest plantations is encased in a perforated sterile aluminium foil stick. The wonderful T-Stick eliminates the need for tea infuser bags and spoons, saving time and avoiding drips and mess. The unique T-Stick also acts as a strainer and stirrer.

4 Flavours:  1.The Earl’s Favourite Tea 2. Zesty Lemon Tea 3. Fruity Forest Tea 4. Moroccan Minty Green Tea


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