FREE McDonald’s Limited Edition MILO® SEA Games Mug Giveaway! – 免费麦当劳限量版MILO®SEA Games 杯子赠品!

Free Mug!

McDonald’s offer FREE limited edition MILO® SEA Games mug. Rise & shine the Malaysian way with a Syok Breakfast Meal! Breakfast is more syok with a free MILO® SEA Games Mug! Get one today when you purchase any 2 Syok Breakfast Meals! Collect all 3 limited edition mugs, while stocks last!

The Mug: Hockey, Badminton and Athletics

Breakfast set:

Cakoi Bubur Set – Cakoi + Bubur Ayam McD(s) + Iced Milo
Chicken Muffin with EGG + Hash Browns + Iced Milo
Double Sausage McMuffin with egg + Hash Browns + Iced Milo


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