FREE V-Lap Wet Wipes Sample Giveaway To Your Doorstep! – 免费V-Lap湿巾样品,寄到家!

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V-Lap Wet Wipes give away FREE 500 samples. Simply follow the step, you have a chance to get v-lap sample ™ wet wipes for FREE to your doorstep without any charges. Terms & conditions apply, while stock last!

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What is v-lap ™ Wet Wipes?

V-Lap ™ is moist tissue all in one specially formulated using tissue mudahlerai (flushable) for wiping and washing without using water and save you time when having problems to access to water is limited.

  1. eco friendly fabric – using non-Woven Fabric that is specially than natural mixture natural and synthetic fibres makes it mudahlerai (Flushable) quickly and can be thrown into the toilet bowl!
  2. ZERO HAZARDOUS MATERIAL – we don’t add hazardous ingredients into our products!
  3. Cleaner than drinking water – using ultra purified water (type I) with the water de-Ionized Nuclear-Ionized, which is able to get rid of chemicals instead of organic parts per billion (Ppb)!

Why do you have to pick the v-lap ™ Wet Wipes?

⚪ no alcohol
⚪ no paraben
⚪ no color
⚪ not sticky
⚪ easy to carry

V-lap ™ wet wipes able to help you:

👉 eliminating bacteria – has been tested and confirmed by the leading lab!
👉 cleaning shit – using thick tissue paper, Soft & comfortable that capable of cleaning shit effectively!
👉 Preserve Moisture – Extract Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Menggekalkan twice moisture!
👉 makes you more comfortable – no sticky effects on the skin and don’t leave the color effects make you more comfortable and sure!

V-lap ™ Black Gold Series Formulated for:

☑ Keeping the whole family clean
☑ Uses when kids eat, suckle, change diapers, vomit and more.
☑ Usage of family activities outside the house (travel)
☑ Cleaning and refreshing skin (sweat, rise)
☑ Eliminate Body Odor (act as deodorant)
☑ Cleaning Children’s toys, furniture and other
☑ Use of sick people, disabled people
☑ Keeping Mom’s clean hygiene

V-lap ™ Black Pink Series is formulated for:

Cleaning the ‘Vagina’ and ‘Mr I’.

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