Regiustea Offer Buy 1 FREE 1 Deal! – 芝士冷泡茶买一送一优惠!

Buy 1 Free 1 deal!

Regiustea offer Buy 1 FREE 1 deal! Count down 5 more days to Penang Icon City Grand Opening ! Let’s celebrate this good news with BUY 1 FREE 1 cheese tea promotion! This offer is valid on 23 Dec 2017, at Penang Icon City! Terms & Conditions apply!

Unlimited Photobook FREE 20page, simple book!

What is Cold Brew Cheese Tea? Cold brew cheese tea is made by using only cold water in tea brewing, and brew for 8 hours! Why cold-brew tea? This brewing method allows tea leaves release lesser catechins and caffeine, while the freshness and aroma of your tea leaves maintain. Thus, it will not affect your sleep, no harm to your stomach. Better yet, it is effective in losing weight! Generally speaking, cold-brewing tea is a healthier way of enjoying your favorite tea!

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