Drypers Malaysia FREE Itsy Bitsy Stories! – 免费Itsy Bitsy宝宝故事!

free story!

Drypers Malaysia FREE Itsy Bitsy Stories. Exclusively brought to you by Drypers Touch! And, scan QR code, you can read to baby in your own unique way! Go ahead, enjoy that beautiful bonding time with baby!

  1. Look for The QR code on the Diaper
  2. Scan The QR code USING WeChat
  3. A new Story will POP up every day!

Click here More detail FREE Itsy Bitsy Stories!

It’s so easy to enjoy fun little stories and bond with your little one. Get a pack of Drypers Touch to enjoy stories, for free. Read a new story every day, anytime of the day!

Story time is so much fun For mum and dad to bond with the little one. Every story is filled with fun To delight everyone.

Drypers Touch

Diapers with premium softness and absorbency for your little one’s ultimate comfort

When it comes to our little ones, we always take care to be ever so gentle when we touch them, hold them and nurture them. We want to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible. New Drypers Touch was inspired by this insight and incorporates the advanced Pro Skin Technology to offer your baby a premium diaper with ultimate softness, absorbency, breathability and up to 12 hours of lasting dryness to keep your baby’s skin as comfortable as possible.

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