Buffalo 牛头牌 Swap For New Promo! – 牛头牌以旧换新, 即可享有折扣高达RM250回扣!

Special offer!

Buffalo 牛头牌 is having swap for New promo! Waste No More! Recycle your used/broken Rice Cooker/Wok in ANY brand, and purchase at a special price on the selected items, to get a Brand NEW cooker/wok home! This offer is valid until 31 Apr 2018. Hurry, check the nearest store for this Trade in promo! Terms & Conditions apply, while stock last!

The steps:

  1. Submit your used cooker/wok(any brands & models)
  2. Trade in with Buffalo
  3. Purchase at a special price on the selected items
  4. Get a brand new cooker/wok home

Buffalo 牛头牌 Swap for New promo!
~~Click here to find the nearest Buffalo store now!~~

~~Click here for more detail now!~~


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