FREE 2 Trail Mix, Omega-3 + Santa Cacao Trail Mix worth RM40! 免费混合干果坚果 + 圣诞系列的蔓越莓和黄葡萄干,价值RM40!

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Signature Market offer FREE 2 Trail Mix, worth RM40!Exclusively for new Customer only, need to purchase RM 88 or more to get Complimentary Omega-3 Trail Mix + Santa Cacao Trail Mix Worth RM 40.Must purchase within 60 minutes (click here). Terms & Conditions apply, while stock last!

FREE Omega-3 Trail Mix + Santa Cacao Trail Mix worth RM40!
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Omega-3 Trail Mix
This trail mix is a fabulous blend of dried fruits and nuts, fortified with healthy Omega – 3. Ingredients: Cranberry, Almond, Walnut, Pumpkin Seed, Pecan Nut, Pistachio.

Santa Cacao Trail Mix
For this coming festive season, Signature Market is launching a series of Christmas snacks for our lovely customers. The perfect combination of sweet taste from cranberry and yellow raisin and aromatic cacao nibs with a hint of bitterness. Almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are added for its crunchiness.

Ingredients: Cranberry, organic cacao nibs, yellow raisin, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds