FREE Bshizen Travel & Trial Kit Products Giveaway! 免费日本护肤试用样品,寄到家!

free trial product!

Bshizen is giving away FREE Travel & Trial Kit products! The offer is starting from 25th Mac 2019 – 4th April 2019. Just pay delivery charge (around RM20+ according product), you can get the trial kit products for free shipped directly from Japan to your doorstep! Terms & Conditions apply! Limited stock, delivery charges is differ, 1 trial product per account!

FREE Travel & Trial Kit products direct from Japan!
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Fruits roots travel & trial kit (normal, oily), worth RM100 includes:

  • Juicy Cleansing Oil (make up remover) 10ml
  • Juicy Cleansing Foam (cleanser) 20ml
  • Juicy Spa Drops (Toner) 20ml
  • Juicy Cream Lotion (Emulsion) 10ml
  • Juicy Spa Serum (Serum) 10ml

Soh-cha Green tea soap (mini size) 30g

Soh-cha soap is a rich, natural and extremely gentle facial soap made with fresh green tea leaves from Shizuoka. Green tea is rich in natural nutrients including cathechin, vitamin C and saponin which nourish and cleanse your skin in a totally natural way. Natural plant products work in harmony with collagen and hyaluronic acid to enhance your skin’s own self-nourishing abilities.