FREE Prosperity™ Fish McDonald’s Ang Pow Giveaway! 即日起麦当劳送出精美“年年有余”红包封!

free ang pow!

McDonald’s offer FREE Prosperity™ Fish Ang Pow Giveaway! McDonald’s Malaysia red packets featuring three different colours of the same design: Prosperity™ Fish, set of three, which are yellow, orange and crimson, each with a carp print.Just buy any Prosperity Burger Meal burger set at McDonald’s today and you will get a beautiful red packet a set for free. Each set contains 6 red packet, 2pc for each style.*即日起在麦当劳购买任何Prosperity Burger Meal 发财汉堡包套餐就可免费获得精美红包封套组。每组含有6个红包封,每种款式各有两个!Terms & Conditions apply, while stock last!

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