Chatto Crazy Milk Tea Cyber Sales Is Coming! Chatto奶茶推出3波奶茶大优惠! 一杯奶茶只需RM0.55!

Special Promo!

Chatto给你“灰灰的日子”带来光彩! 3波Chatto奶茶大优惠来咯!优惠高达94%, 限时限量, 在Shopee上购买, 可在MCO后使用。一杯奶茶只需RM0.55, 快抢!

  • 第一波 30/4 – 2/5, 3天 — 为庆祝Chatto售出555,000杯招牌饮品“灰灰的又怎样”, 特别推出只需要RM0.55就可购得一杯“灰灰的又怎样”!只限500杯, 动作要快!< Click Here To Grab >
  • 第二波 3/5–5/5, 3天 — 同样庆祝Chatto售出555,000杯招牌饮品“灰灰的又怎样”, 错过了RM0.55的优惠, 依然能以RM5.50购得一杯“灰灰的又怎样”, 折扣为44%!只限3天! < Click Here To Grab >
  • 第三波 6/5 – 12/5, 7天 — 只需RM6.90就可购得一杯奶茶系列饮品, 可用于Chatto任何原价RM9.90的奶茶饮品。最后一波优惠, 错过就没了! < Click Here To Grab >

Watsons Taiwan is now available @ Shopee! Collect EXTRA 10% OFF voucher!

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所有优惠不需要排队, 只需上Shopee搜寻“Chatto”就可购买 < Click Here To Grab Now! > !数量有限, 先购先得。 *一人限购两杯且不可使用于外卖。

Chatto eases your “Grey Grey Day”. 3 waves of Chatto Crazy Milk Tea Cyber Sales is coming! Discount up to 94%, limited time with limited quantity only. Puchase from Shopee and redeem after MCO!

  • First wave 30/4 – 2/5, 3 days — To celebrate the selling of 555,000 cups of Chatto’s best seller drink “Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong”, Chatto specially launch a promotion of “Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong” at the price of only RM0.55! Limited to 500 cups only, be super fast! < Click Here To Grab >
  • Second wave 3/5 – 5/5, 3 days — Also to celebrate the sales of 555,000 cups of “Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong”. If you missed the RM0.55 deal, never miss this. “Charcoal Pearl Organic Oolong” at only RM5.55, discount value as 44%! Only 3 days! < Click Here To Grab >
  • Third wave 6/5 – 12/5, 7 days — Milk tea series drink at only RM6.90, applicable to all RM9.90 milk tea series drink in Chatto. It’s the last wave of promotion, will be gone if you miss it! < Click Here To Grab >

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Expired on: 31-08-2020

You don’t need to queue for any of the deal, just go Shopee and search for “Chatto” to get it < Click Here To Grab Now!> Limited quantity only, first come first serve basis. *Each person is limited to 2 cups,not valid for delivery.