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About It!:

High-Speed Absorption & Prolongs Dry Feeling

Absorbs fluid within seconds with 100% Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) and prolongs feeling of dryness for up to 8 hours with Fluid Locking System.

Comparison of the fluids absorption test for Pads using SAP and non-SAP which is more than 10 times faster in absorbent speeds and its fluids locking system also helps to minimize the growth of bacterial with prolong dry feeling.

Body Fitting & Leak-Proof

Unique curving S-shape broadsheet design according to woman curving body will hug and fit your body perfectly with its anti-leakage curves for 360 degrees ultimate Leak-Proof Protection, in any posture.

Ultra Slim

With its innovative Ultra Thin design, you will always stay invisible even under tight clothing, almost like wearing seamless panties.

Move Freely With Strong Elasticity for Any Body Shape

It also allows you to move freely without constraints and tightness feel as the Triple Zone Elasticity design (Innovated technology to apply elasticity on different body parts: waist, buttocks and hips) fits the natural curve of any body shape.

Combined with its Ultrasound sealing at the joining part of panties provides ultra soft yet non easy-torn even with strong pull.

Side Leakage Protection

Gives you confidence with no worries of side leakage which is the problem that is difficult to resolve by just wearing ordinary sanitary pad, thanks to Sensof Freedom Panties unique Standing Leak Guard design.