FREE Apple Fox Cider Giveaway! 免费喝Apple Fox Cider饮料!

Free drink!

2020 has been a #%*@?! blur? FOX IT! Look forward to Apple Day. It’s a day to celebrate the humble fruit that’s at the core of our cider 😉 So let’s raise their ciders in celebration of wayyyy more apples!

Register for your free cider at below link! from 17 – 25 October. Terms and conditions apply.

FREE Apple Fox Cider Giveaway! 请你喝免费Apple Fox Cider!Click Here now!

How to scan the fox:

  • Visit and click “SCAN THE FOX”
  • Allow site access to camera. Important note: Ensure that your Facebook app setting has camera enabled!
  • Proceed to scan the fox on our products
  • For best experience on iOS, use your Safari browser 🍎
  • Enjoy Apple Fox Responsibly. For non-Muslims aged 21 and above only.

FOX IT! Scan the fox instead to find fun and snag up some goodies! Hurry now before they run out!