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FREE Harvest Gourment Sample!
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Harvest Gourmet Schnitzel 270G

The Harvest Gourmet Schnitzel combines a crispy crumb coating on the outside with a juicy, tender flavour on the inside, which tastes and smells like a real chicken Schnitzel. High in protein and fibre, it is pre-cooked and can easily be warmed in the oven or in a fryer. You can serve it as a main course together with potatoes and vegetables, or simply added to a salad, soup, sandwich or wrap.

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Harvest Gourmet Sensational Burger 339G

The Harvest Gourmet Sensational Burger delivers the same juicy taste and texture to that of a meat burger, which looks, cooks, smells and tastes like the real thing to provide that incredible burger flavour and experience. Made from plant-based protein, it is rich in soy protein and a good source of fibre and iron. The burger can be cooked in the oven, pan-fried or grilled.